Multiple errors with eraser 6


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I've been trying to get eraser to work for about a week now and i just cant seem to get it to finish the scan without errors. IT will always say at the end of the huge list of cluster tips not being erased that i ran out of space. Im just trying to run a 1 pass scan and i dont understand the issue, i deleted my system files and are currently running another scan. Any idea's on whats causing the cluster tip errors (the nightly builds have given me errors) or the free space ones? Thanks for any help
I can't duplicate the fact that it's run out of space -- that's expected and the code should be dealing with it correctly. I'll be releasing a debug build sometime this week, please PM me with an email address so that I'll include you in the list of recipients. It's unlikely to solve your problem, but at least it will give me enough information to see what's going on wrong.