multiple full drive erasure - how to?


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I currently have about 50 old hard drives that I need to completely erase before I sell them. I have purchased a lot of usb to SATA / IDE adapters so I am able to connect them to my computer, however I can't work out how I can eraser multiple drives at the same time with eraser? I know I could just connect them one at a time to the computer, however that will be really time consuming. I know from another forum post that beta build 6.2 provides support for non-system full drive erasure, however am I only able to erase one drive at once? Can I not run multiple instances of the program?

I would be really grateful if anyone could help me as if I have to do one disc at a time it will be extremely time consuming.

Thanks Dave
Sadly, Eraser 6 was designed to do successive erasing tasks sequentially rather than in parallel. This is more efficient for the most common uses, but a real limitation for people with your requirement. Joel does have plans to enable parallel erasing on separate drives, but progress on the next version of Eraser (6.2) is very slow.

You can't run multiple instances of the program; there would be no point, as all would work though the same background process which implements the erasing engine.

As matters stand, your best method is to connect as many drives as you can to a computer (ideally one that can be dedicated to the task), quick format them all, and then run Eraser as administrator, and, using the context menu for each drive, start a task to erase free space on each drive; those tasks will stay in the schedule until they are completed, so the process can hopefully be left to run unattended.