my eraser stopped working too


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I have read through all of the entries regarding "eraser stopped working". I have, prior to this post, uninstalled and reinstalled Eraser many times and with many different ways. Uninstall eraser; reboot**. Reinstall Eraser; reboot. Uninstall Windows 7 SP1 and Eraser; reboot. Reinstall Eraser WITHOUT SP1 being reinstalled; reboot. Reinstall SP1 and reboot. Reinstall eraser and NO REBOOT. Uninstall Eraser and reinstall with reboot AFTER SP1 being reinstalled. Uninstall Eraser and re-download through different download sites and reinstall. Clicked "Finish", with and without checking "Run Eraser" after each install dialog box appears informing me that install was successful following each and every reinstall. Upon every possible uninstall and reinstall scenario I get the same "Eraser has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution to this problem...! When uninstalling I used Windows Remove Program function and the "uninstall" that is bundled with the Eraser set-up files. I have run the "Repair" function from the set-up files. I closed all firewalls and stopped the AV program and uninstalled and reinstalled Eraser with and without rebooting. Task scheduler? Believe me after reinstalling eight or nine times there is NOTHING in the task scheduler!

I have run Registry fixes and even restored the PC to a date of approximately one month ago when Eraser was working perfectly and still I get the same "Eraser Has Stopped Working"

The only thing I have not tried is to run an earlier version. I have been using Eraser almost since its debut; when there were just three options for file erasure and I very much like this software and I would like to continue using it if I could just get it to start working again.

**(Reboot refers to both reboot/restart of closed applications and PC)
It seems that didn't read the FAQ ... :) If you had, you would have seen that the commonest cause of this problem is a corrupt Task List. If that is the problem, uninstalling and reinstalling on its own won't help, as the Task List is not deleted by the uninstall routine.

Delete the Task List (more details in the Common Eraser Questions FAQ topic, if you need them), and restart Eraser. If that doesn't work, we can take the problem on from there.

Re: my eraser stopped working too. Fixed

Okay. I did all of this again, including deletion of Task scheduler and registry entry. In my case I had to reboot the machine after deletion of these two entries. I wasn't clear on this part of the original post. When I said that there could not be anything in the Task scheduler, I opened the Task List following a reinstall and it was empty. I had, prior to that, deleted both the Task scheduler and registry entries. Somehow I was not getting a clean install.

Anyway, thanks for your help, Joel. Eraser is working fine now.
I'm not quite sure what you did, but, if it's working, let's not fix it ... :)