my personal method of destruction



To get right down to it, there are only 4 types of people who use DBAN (Derik's Boot and Nuke):

1) pedophiles
2) Islamic terrorists
3) people who have a shitload of copyright violation stuff (i.e. mp3's and bootleg Hollywood movies)
4) people who want to donate and/or sell their old HD's

Concerning Groups #1 and #2 of DBAN users (i.e the pedophiles and Islamic terrorists), your best bet is to physically destroy your HD with a sledge hammer and a gallon of gasoline and scatter the remains upon the four corners of the Earth. For the other 2 types of DBAN users (i.e. the "innocent" copyright infringer and the altruist donor), I suggest the following as a method of securing your HD. It also wouldn't hurt for the pedophile & Islamic terrorist to do so, also:

1) SECURE ALL SENSITIVE DATA VIA ENCRYPTION. Although there's a variety of programs out there, a free (and efficient) proggy is Blowfish Advanced CS (, which offers the most secure encryption algorithims (e.g. Blowfish, Twofish and Serpent) in an easy-to-use interface. Also, it has the abilty to wipe free space.

2 ERASE ALL SENSITIVE OS (operating system) DATA. Although there are a variety of proggys out there, there are a few that stand out. Cyberscrub ( offers a fully-functional 15-day trial that securely wipes all OS data (East-Tec Eraser is the same proggy,, only GM cars). BC Wipe ( and Clean Disc Security ( are as equally effective. However, CDS has the ability to wipe Prefetch files...the only one that I know of that can do this. I'd suggest using all of them. You might also want to try Window Washer (, but it's not as comprehensive as the above-mentioned. Most worthy of mention is MRU Blaster (, a free proggy that is highly effective. They also offer other free proggys ( So far, it's the most effective proggy of this genre that I have tried...and it's free!!!

3. WIPE FILE SLACK/FREE SPACE. Most of the above-metioned proggys also have the ability to wipe file slack/free space. I'd suggest using them, with at least 1-3 passes in pseudo-random number generation (PRNG) in each. Before these, I'd STRONGLY recommend using Eraser 5.7 to wipe file slack/free space. It uses the ISAAC method of PRNG, which is more I'd suggest using it with between 3-7 passes in PRNG. Rely upon Eraser 5.7 first, then the above-mentioned proggys. It wouldn't hurt to use them all. You might also want to use Sure Delete (, it's free, also.

4) CLEAR the MFT (Master File Table): I'd suggest using Directory Snoop 5.01 (, which offers a fully-functional 25-use trial. It'll reveal the hidden secrets of your HD. If you don't believe me, use any disc viewer that you trust. I find that Directory Snoop is the best. Use DS to wipe the MFT as well as free space. It's an awesome proggy! Also, you can use it to test the effectiveness of any deletion software...Eraser 5.7 included.

5) LOW-LEVEL DELETION: use Derik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN). Depending upon your paranoia, use between 8 and 15 rounds in the PRNG. Be sure to activate the "verify" option in at least the last round/pass. If you're a pedophile or an Islamic terrorist, use a minimum of 12 rounds in the PRNG. Beyond this, you can't do much else besides physical destruction!!!

6) RE-FORMAT YOUR HD: (self-explanatory). If you're a pedophile or an Islamic terrorist, it'll be wise to run DBAN again, this time with the Gutmann method, then re-format you HD. Otherwise, 8-12 rounds of PRNG coupled with a re-formating of the HD should be sufficient.

Coming in at # 5

Hello, Sorry you have been so Jaded. There is a strong push in the Knoxville area for an NSA approved curriculum, and a plethora of up-and coming Network Security and Forensics Geeks who, I can assure you, will mostly be inspired by the mission of seeking and separating #'s 1&2, bringing them to justice, and securing freedom.

But I know you guys must get sandbagged by the whole lot of them.

I have another post, but I'll start my own thread. However, I'd like to pave the way for

#5 type of people who use DBAN (Derik's Boot and Nuke):
People who are protecting our children from pedophiles, and our freedom from terrorists

Cheer up Duke! It's not all bad
what floats your boat

First, thanks for the posting. Sometimes, a good old fashioned "how to" is sorely needed for those of us who are semi-computer literate.

I suppose that your method is good...but perhaps a bit of overkill. Maybe I'll post my own "personal method of destruction" as an alternative for those of us who are cyber-criminals, but who are, nonetheless, concerned about our privacy.
err...not cyber-criminals

Whoops! I mean those of us who are NOT cyber-criminals!!! (typo there).

Undoubtedly, there is that element who do use DBAN to cover their crimes. In that regard, I think that no low level deletion tool can totally cover those sort of tracks.

Perhaps this is a question for those forensic "buffs" out there who are obsessed with defeating all known forensic equipment. I freely admit my ignorance of this subject.