my XP was crashed?


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Hi I'm a new user to eraser, I downloaded eraser 5.88 yesterday ( Because I noticed many users saying 5.88 is better than 6)
and I decided to install it today.
The installation went well, but when it told me to restart, my computer froze so I had to shut it down myself.
When I reboot the computer, it stays blank on the bootscreen and safe mode doesn't work either.
Now I'm waiting on the bootscreen place to see if XP will boot again.

Does anyone know how to make my XP work again?

Having used Eraser for a number of years on XP, I would find it very surprising if the installation as such were the cause of a complete failure to boot.

If what you get a boot time immediately after the BIOS routines are completed is a black screen with nothing apart from a flashing cursor, this usually means that the OS is looking in the wrong place for the Operating System, which in turn can have several causes - floppies or CDs with boot sectors but no OS left in a drive, a USB drive left switched on and the BIOS trying to boot from that, a BIOS that changes its boot setting for no obvious reason (yes, it's happened to me), or, on a bad day, the hard drive deciding to fail at the wrong moment.

I'd look for 'unintended' boot disks first; the USB drive is the one that most often catches me out, and its also the one that can most often cause BIOS settings to change. Then look at your BIOS settings and check that the boot drive is correctly identified, and that the boot order is also OK. Then, if you still have trouble, use a CD or floppy boot disk ('rescue disk') to check that the system drive is still accessible. Beyond that, you're into Windows Recovery, which is really beyond the scope of this forum, but about which there is plenty of advice on the Net.

I hope these pointers are helpful.