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After Garrett insisted on using Windows installer, I'm afraid those instructions will no longer result in a clean uninstall.

Could either you, or anyone else, Post Instructions, .. and keep it at the top of the Page, on how to completely Remove Eraser "Manually", so it's possible to Reinstal it if they choose, in case they Screw-Up?

No, because I don't know how! I advocated the use of Inno but Garrett wanted to use Windows installer (which is unnecessarily complex, IMHO)

Thanks for Trying, Hank !

Many thanks for trying, Hank. I had already gone into my registry and removed everything with 'eraser' or 'Heidi' in it. So, as Joel stated, that didn't work. I guess I was hoping the author had an EXE deinstaller, or at least instruction on how to remove the latest version in case of situations such as this. Does the author ever read this forum and get involved, or should I just get used to the fact that I will never see Eraser again on my PC - short of a complete system reinstall ?
I am one of the authors of Eraser! Unfortunately releases are not done by me so I cannot help you on this one.

If you already deleted all the keys then I believe you'll have to search the Microsoft knowledge base for how to remove a broken installer package.