Need DBAN help


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I want to wipe my hard drive so I can sell/donate it. I downloaded DBAN version 2.2.6 and used CDBurnerXP to burn it to a CD-RW disc. I have a eMachine (?) (I don't know what type of desktop I have, I bought it at a newspaper auction) and I have windows XP.The problem I run into is that when you get the choice of hitting enter or "auto nuke" nothing happens when I hit enter or autonuke.
DBAN has not been updated or programmer supported for some years now, and, as it is no longer included with Eraser, this forum is not very active. There is another forum on Sourceforge, where you might get help, but unfortunately some machines do not work with DBAN; in this case, it may not support your hard drive configuration.

If your machine came with either a restore partition or restore disks, I'd suggest restoring it to factory condition (which includes a format), then installing Eraser and using that to wipe the free space on the drive. If not, as it's a desktop, you can remove the drive, put it in a caddy or dock connected to another machine, quick format it, and then use Eraser on the other machine to wipe free space. If you are feeling generous, you can then re-install Windows when you have put the drive back in the original machine.