Need help


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Okay, I will try and explain this.

I am trying to use Eraser to delete some already deleted folders. I have used 'wipe unused space' with 7 pass DoD on C drive but the operation fails and the folder is still recoverable after even a basic Active Unerase scan brings the folder back. The folder is located in $Recycle.bin and I cannot seem to specifically deleted that item. It causes Active@ Eraser to crash as well.

Any suggestions? Is $Recycle.bin corrupted or something?

I'd guess that you have a corrupt Recycle Bin - it's a common occurrence.

If you haven't done this already; set your folder options to allow you to view Protected OS files; Windows will protest, but proceed regardless; you can change the setting back later. You can then delete $Recycle.Bin. That should allow you to wipe free space.

If you still have trouble, please come back; in that event, it would be useful to know which OS you are using.