Need to delete files off my hardrive permenantly


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Ok I have some porn on my hard drive (don't we all, lol), but I recently bought a larger hard drive to put that stuff on. :D 8)

Now I've formatted my hardrive it is clear, but I know there is a way of recovering my files, I've searched online and found eraser could stop someone from doing that. I want to sell my old hardrive.

I downloaded eraser and ran the task as an administrator on my W7 PC, but I get the message:

Completed with errors. :?:
Ok I have some porn on my hard drive (don't we all, lol),
im NOT the only perv around then LOL..

i find Disk Wipe to be quite good when wanting to completely wipe a full hard drive..

but if your unsure its always best just to take a very big hammer to the hard drive than sell it on as thats the only way to be totally sure no one will recover any data from it.. and lets be honest here they cheap enough to buy these days without having to sell second hand ones on...

to be honest i'd never sell on one of my hard drives for this reason i just smash them up or keep as a spare.