Need to wipe my hard dirve...KEEP IT AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE..


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:?: OK, I have a P3 w/windows98SE. I want to completely wipe my hard drive. I easily get lost zipping/unzipping, and I really don't understand booting with Floppy's and CD's as my computer has always booted itself up, so I guess something has to be changed to do that. In any event, I would like a maximun seven passes on all information on my computer. I need simple basic instructions, step by step, to follow. I know most of you are computer wizzes, but don't assume I know some "for granted" steps in this process. I did make a bootable ... boot98se.exe//98SE on a floppy. somewhere in all my reading, it said I will need one.

I would like to re-install my operating system. I have the original Windows 98SE from Microsoft, and the Resource and Utility Driver CD, and the original Microsoft works Suite 99. Is this all I need. How do I start to re-install operationg system?

Please help....
Why wipe the drive?

If all you are doing is re-installing your OS, why bother with wiping the drive?
Removing sensitive material!

I'm removing sensitive material over the last 7 years. So a wipe is needed of the hard drive... Have tried wiping twice now. In the second attempt. 1 round 35 passes...first pass takes about 3-4 hours. We are on our second pass, the B/s keeps slowing down, and it has now been 94 hours.... same as last time we tried to wipe... B/s is down to 13 per second, with 55,000 Bites left. This is nuts!!! Any ideas.... IF, and after this wipe is done, do I install the OS first, or the needed drivers for video, display, sound?