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After runing Recuva I found that it overwrote most but not all of my deleted files but did not erased the file names. Many sources led me to Eraser which I have installed the latest version (after all the bad press here I may uninstall and install 5.8.8 - open to recommendations on that). Reading the help file and what I can find online it appears that the way to eliminate the file names is to run eraser on the free space on my disk. I've never done this type of action before so am concerned. Will this erase all deleted files,including those that Recuva missed, along with their file names? Will the free space become unused free space of just overwritten space? Is there any risk to the rest of the disk content and if so what can I do to prevent eraser from going where I don't want it to go?

I appreciate any help, and suggestions you can give.
The free space/unused space erasures are supposed to be non-destructive and do exactly what you want in this scenario, with no (known) risk to your files.