.NET Framework ?? -- which version and what is the dependency?

Ramon Tan

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Hello there --

I have posted an earlier thread about ERASER (latest, oct-17) gettiing stucked while trying to install .NET Framework 4 Client Profile as part of the installation. I have not received any help, and since then have toyed with my Win7 over again; I reloaded a fresh factory copy/image, applied all patches that Win Updates was willing to give (at this point), and achieved Win 7 (64-bit) SP1 status.

I intentionally did NOT apply the .Net Framework 4 Client Profile that was one of the early Windows Updates that automatically downloaded to my PC. Reason: this seems to be the reason ERASER gets stucked when installing.

Question1: should I manually apply .NET Framework 4.5 (which seems to be the "latest" from Microsoft's website) before I install ERASER again, or let ERASER do all the installation by itself?

Question2: is there a difference between:

(1) .NET Framework 4 Client Profile and
(2) .NET Framework 4.5?

If so, what is the proper sequence of installation as far as getting ERASER to install correctly? How is (1) installed? From Microsoft's website?

Any tips or suggestions would ne highly appreciated. Thanking you in advance.
The run time is only included to cater for the many possible clients - if your machine is patched to the latest Eraser should install ok.
Hello Muscas,
I have posted my response to another post on the same issue/problem, but titled ".NET Framework - which version?".
Thanking you for your response/suggestion.