.NET Runtime Error


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When erasing free space (Gutmann method) on a 750GB drive with 94GB free space I get this message around halfway through the process:
EventType clr20r3, P1 eraser.exe, P2, P3 4cd2be16, P4 eraser.manager, P5, P6 4cd2bde0, P7 25c, P8 7a, P9 system.argumentoutofrange, P10 NIL.
Is there a way around this, or do I wait for a bugfix or try a nightly?
This may be a function of your.NET installation rather than of Eraser as such. I have a very similar problem on one of my Windows 7 machines; on the other machine (same OS, similar hardware specification) the erase works fine.

Does the erase work if you use only a single pass? (BTW, current thinking is that this is all that is needed to make the data irrecoverable.) And have you run the disk checker recently?

Try a nightly with the blackbox plugin enabled. The exception is raised from within Eraser.