New Mac, Old Windows


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Is there a way to download this program onto my new Mac to use to wipe the hard drive of my old (not internet connected) Windows PC?
You can do it with Mac OS X from a terminal window like this:

# unzip dban-1.0.6_i386.exe
# dd if=dban-1.0.6_i386.IMA of=/dev/diskX bs=1k

If you do not have the `unzip` program available at the terminal prompt, then use any other program from the GUI. The EXE file is just a regular ZIP file with a special header for Microsoft Windows.

Change "diskX" to the device name of your floppy drive. Get this name right because you could accidentally overwrite a hard drive.

A good way to get the right floppy drive device name is to run `mount` at the prompt, insert a formatted floppy disk, run `mount` again, and compare the difference.