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I am using google chrome on a 64 bit vista system I want to use eraser for my un-used drive space which I know how to do. I also want it to delete my cookies, temp files, history any trace of internet activity and also erase and clean my photos and downloads. I cannot find nor do I know how to 100% find those file links so I can load them into the program to run. Can you help me figure out how to locate these file paths so I can put them into the program to run.


The difficult part is the bit that doesn't fit so well in this forum, which is finding the location of the Chrome files. I'm afraid I don't use Chrome, but a quick search (using Google of course!), showed that there is a fair amount of information out there. It is clear that Chrome does similar things to the default setup of Firefox, and stores its cache in the (hidden) Appdata folder of your User account. What I couldn't work out from my trawl was whether Chrome follows Firefox in storing all the data in a single profile, or whether it spreads it around. As well as searching the Web for guidance, you could also usefully search your computer for folders called 'Google' or 'Chrome'; do remember to include hidden files and folders in the search.

Once you have a list of files and folders to delete, it is a relatively simple process to build a single Eraser task to deal with them all. Start the new task, and use the Add Data dialogue for each folder or file you wish to add to the task.

Incidentally, if you download Flash content (and who doesn't, these days?), be aware that Flash has its own cache, which you may also wish to set up a task for. The relevant folders are in Appdata\Roaming\; you then need to look on that folder for Adobe\FlashPlayer\Asset Cache, and for folders within Macromedia\FlashPlayer. If you've downloaded any flash movies recently, you will quickly find traces of these downloads. So it's also worth setting up an Eraser task to deal with these folders as well.

I hope this is enough to get you started.