New Stable release doesn't have SECURE MOVE option anymore?


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Hello Everyone :D

Well, I just downloaded the newest Stable Version of Eraser but I am realizing that this new release lacks of a function that previous versions had:

I am talking about ERASER SECURE MOVE which, after right-clicking on a filename, was available from the context-menu...while now I am nomore able to find it. :(

Was it canceled from the new release or have I mistaken something during setup?

Thanks in advance for any help :)
Secure Move

This feature will be implemented in the next release and is already present in the latest development versions. You can try out the latest 6.1 build (2220, at the time of writing); it may well have stability issues, but I have found recent 6.1 builds to be usable for normal tasks; with them, I cannot yet erase free space and cluster tips on a system drive (free space only is OK) or erase a complete partition (though I cannot erase a whole disk). I haven't yet tried the Secure move feature.

You could, if you were interested, PM Joel and ask to join the Beta Testers' forum, which is where problems with the development builds should be reported.

The reasons for the absence of the feature from the early releases of Eraser 6 (which is actually something of an accident) are explained by Joel in his FAQ 'sticky' on the Eraser architecture.