New to Eraser



Hi guys,

Having only recently begun using Eraser, I'm unsure of the following and would appreciate anyone clearing this up for me.

1. Files and folders that I previously deleted to the XP trash bin and then deleted from there, may still reside on my hard drive even though the file/folder names do not appear. If so, are those data erased when I run Eraser to clean "unused space", to include cluster tips?

2. When I "clean" my temp files, history files and cookie files using the standard XP Disc Cleanup tool, are those data still in residence somewhere? If so, how do I now use Eraser to get rid of them?

Thanks for bearing with me.

Hi George,
I do not use WinXP, so I can only answer the first question.

What you deleted from recycle bin (and is NOT under "Norton Protect",
or any similar special "restore safety mechanism") is =>
-- still on your HDD, the name in the directory has got a new first letter
indicating, that the cluster(s) are "free space" and may be overwritten
whenever the system likes to do so.
-- but: might still be read by any (decent) disk editor.
-- and might be reconstructed (if not already overwritten) by any usual
"unerase" program.
-- will be destroyed by an Eraser "freespace wipe" in a way as to be
no longer readable/reconstructable. But still "free space".

Caution: this is for files "deleted" from the recycle bin. Not for files just
"stored" there after a "delete" order by the Explorer.
Please remember, that the "recycle bin" is actually a system folder and
deleting anything with the explorer just "moves" the file(s) into this
special folder, nothing else. Up to it's maximum capacity.
Gusti :D