new to this concept..need help


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Hello..i am a computer user, but not an expert.
i have internet access(obviously)

i have a friend who is a senior citizen who has a six year old computer but who never has nor ever will have internet access.

i do her research for her online.

she wants to buy a new computer and give her old one away.

she would like to erase all the information on her computer.

do you sell software to do this task.?
if not, will you ever do so.?

forgive me if i am wrong, but i have understood that your "eraser" can only be had by internet download.

thank you for your response.
any other suggestions as to how we may accomplish erasure of all the data on her hard drive would be warmly welcomed

thanks again
Its called DBAN, DBAN is part of eraser. Since your friend has no internet access you will have download Eraser and install it and make a nuke Boot Disk that she can put into her computers floppy drive when her computer is off. Then she boots up and the Nuke disk displays a dialog page then you just follow directions on the screen.
thank you, carver

thank you so much for your response.

i did a little looking around and went to the part here of this forum which mentioned the install and nuke thing..

ok..well, i would download eraser, and then make a CD of the download, and then give the CD to my friend, and she would install it in her computer when she was sure she would like to erase everything, and presto, the magic happens..clean computer?

is it that simple?

can even an idiot (me ) accomplish the task of downloading the applications, and putting them onto a CD ?

i apologise for the questions, but you can see that i am not too swift when it comes to any thing computer wise.

many many thanks for your time and response

You need to download DBAN, not Eraser. DBAN can be had from this link: ... _id=439240
(The homepage is

You will see a list of files on this page. If you want to make a floppy disk version of DBAN, download the "dban-1.0.7_i386.exe" file. If you want to create a CD (and you know how to make a CD from an ISO file), then download "dban-1.0.7_i386.iso".

You may just want to use the exe file to create a floppy, since that approach is more simple. Any information on the floppy will be overwritten by the program. Once you create the floppy, put it into your friend's computer and boot up the computer.

It will bring eventually up a blue screen with white text. Next to the word "boot:" type in the word autonuke and press the Enter key on the keyboard.

The program will detect and overwrite any hard drives on the computer 3 times, so it may take a while to complete.

It sounds a bit complicated when it is spelled out step by step this way, but it isn't really.

my questions have been answered..I have copied them and will take them to a tech i know who has windows and ask him to make me a floppy.

many thanks for your time and understanding.