Newbie Question



I love the software.

My question is: When I erase unused disk space, what exactly am I getting rid of? Is it clearing out deleted cookies, images, docs, etc. that I don't completely get off of my hard drive?

Greatly appreciated. :)
Ah, wish I could edit - sorry.

What's bothering me now is, whenever I run a virus scan, Norton scims through C:\Recycled, and it appears to scan over 30,000 files in there. I'm assuming those are files that I have deleted. Will Eraser be removing those files, or eh?

Again, greatly appreciated. :)
Hi Guest!
eraser won't erase the recycle bin if all you are doing is freespace and/or cluster tips wipe. If you empty the recycle bin first those 30k worth of files will be considered freespace and yes, then they will get wiped as freespace. You can also right click on recycle bin and select 'erase contents' this uses eraser to wipe the contents of it- since there seem to be so many files in there, I'd just empty it as normal the erase freespace though... HTH!
Thanks a lot Redleg. :)

It's odd. I, in stupidity, thought C:/Recycled referred to files that were hidden somewhere in my computer. Whenever I opened up my Recycle Bin, it listed as if it had no contents. I found out from you that the 30K+ items were in my Recycle Bin. Windows was malfunctioning and not displaying my deleted files.

At any rate, thanks. :)