Newsgroup binaries



Sometimes in newsgroups I see binaries I don't want to see and surely don't want to have on my computer, but I think these files are stored on my computer as soon as I read the message in the newsgroup.
Can Eraser remove these binaries from my computer? And where on my computer can I find these files; I cannot find them in Temporary Internet Files, but they must be somewhere.
If you are using outlook express the data is stored in datafiles on your machine. The solution is to use eraser to wipe these datafiles and then the
freespace of your drive.

Get Agent newsreader or a comparable product and install it on an encrypted disk - PGP Disk, Scramdisk, Drivecrypt, BestCrypt just to name a few. Then you can just shift-delete those files you didn't intend to download without having to wipe them (they are encrypted automatically so no trace is left).