Next Build ?

6.1 won't be released -- the nightly builds are used for development purposes. 6.2 is targeted (very loosely) for the end of 2010 but it may well be extended to 2011.

I'm rather busy at the moment (and will be even more so) so I can only work on this when my schedule permits.
Joel didn't mention that he has already (I think) frozen the code on Version 6.0.7, which will be a service release with a significant number of bug fixes. Those of us who have been using the nightly builds have seen the application becoming significantly more stable and bug-free. My initial impression of the 6.0.7 code (which I have been beta testing) is that it continues this trend. Tasks which were giving real grief with earlier builds now run without significant problems. It is too soon to say whether 6.0.7 is entirely stable, but, in my opinion, it's getting there. And that, for me, is more important than any new feature.