No “Erase Unused Space” option.


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To erase unused disk space (files that have only previously been deleted):
1. Open Windows Explorer.
2. Right Click on the Drive and choose 'Erase Unused Space'.

Im trying to do this, but when I R click C drive 'Erase Unused Space' doesn't appear. Also the flash tutorial won't appear.

Some help would be appreciated.
Hi boyaner :D

Welcome to the Eraser forum.

I have changed your thread title for you.

A thread title of simply “Help” … won’t get you any……. at all ! :lol:

Also you will need to tell us a little about your system OS etc and which version of Eraser you are using. :wink:

No “Erase Unused Space” option

Thanks. Since I just downloaded a week or so ago, it may be 5.83, but I can't find it in properties.
My OS is XP Prof
Hi boyaner

Well all I can suggest at the moment is for you to uninstall Eraser.

Use the add and remove programs to remove Eraser.

Then go to C:\WINDOWS\system32 and delete eraser.dll

Then restart your computer.

Now you can do one of two things.

You could download Eraser 5.7
and use that or you could try Joel’s Beta release which address’s many bugs but it is a BETA !

Please post back and let me know how you get on.