No context menu entries for Eraser


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I have been using eraser for a long time. I was using 5.7, then went to the newest version - 6.0.1 I didn't like the newer version, so went back to re-install 5.7. Now, I have eraser 5.7 back and it works, but there are no context menu entries when I right-click a file in windows explorer. I has uninstalled the old version, removed the old folders, and ran a registry cleaner to remove left-over eraser files/folders. I also ran Shellexview to see if the eraser context menu items were disabled. There are no entries.

Any suggestions? I am using Win7 64bit.
Solved! I did some further research and found the problem is that I am using a 64-bit Windows Explorer and I need a 32-bit version. I installed XYplorer (32 bit) and the context menu items are there. I can still run the Eraser program, but need to use a 32-bit explorer to use the context menu entries.

Sorry for any inconvenience....