no monitor after running eraser


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Hello. Dummy here ran a nightly version of Eraser instead of the stable one, so if you can't help, thanks for trying. I installed and ran "Eraser r2284 4/1/11 5:04am 3619," reinstalled XP, shut down the computer, and restarted. At restart the harddrive is running but the monitor doesn't work. Any suggestions? Thank you, Denise.
I cannot see how Eraser (any version; the nightly builds are pretty stable) can do this (the Eraser code is too remote from the system to create a hardware issue on its own).But we can look at some other possibilities.

I'd guess from your description that you are running a desktop. is it a known make or model of machine? What OS are you running? Do you get any messages or splash screens on startup before Windows starts up? When you say that the hard drive is running, is the disk access light continuous from startup, or does it flash irregularly as though Windows is booting up? And what were you trying to do wth Eraser - a free space erase?

Hi David, thanks for your help. This is a Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop running Windows XP.

I've purchased a new laptop and planned to wipe the drive and recycle/donate the Dell laptop. The wipe seemed to work. After running Eraser, the screen went dark and then the computer restarted and prompted me to insert the Windows XP CD to reinstall it. After going through the install, all looked good, everything except Windows XP was gone. Then I shut it down. Shortly after, I tried starting it up again and the screen remained blank even though it sounded as though it booted up.

Just now, I hooked up the laptop to an external monitor and restarted the computer. The external monitor works but the laptop screen does not. I tried switching monitors by pressing Fn+F8...nothing. I checked the Display settings. The computer is recognizing the external monitor as the primary monitor and tells me that monitor 2 (the laptop monitor) is disabled. It asks if I'd like to enable the monitor. When I select Yes, nothing happens. It's still disabled. I'm not sure what this means. Any suggestions on what to check next?

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When you say you wiped the drive, was this just a free space erase? If it was, I don't see how it could be the cause of your problem.

There is a good chance that the laptop screen is indeed disabled rather than non-functioning, and that you have an issue with your video driver. Does XP boot to the external monitor? If it does, I would use that to run whatever program Dell provides to restore the machine to factory condition (which is what you want to do in any case); this usually works from an internal recovery partition rather than the installation disks. You can then run a free space erase, which should make doubly sure that all your personal data is gone (I suggest that you un-tick the option to erase cluster tips, as that will give you a load of essentially spurious errors).

If that doesn't work, try the video driver properties. Although computers vary, most video drivers come from one of two companies. I had a problem with an XP laptop not long ago where the drive had set itself to work with the laptop screen only, and would not switch to an external monitor from the keyboard, and I had to change the settings in the display properties. Your problem could be similar.

In the worst case, your laptop screen has chosen this moment to die, and the system is simply recognising that fact. In that case, unfortunately, the machine is unlikely to be economically repairable.