No new version planned?

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It seems no new version is planned, a year has almost passed since the last version was release.
chik said:
It seems no new version is planned, a year has almost passed since the last version was release.

I don't keep check on these forums as much as what I used to, and nowadays it's mainly to see if there is any Eraser "development" going on, and unfortunately it appears as if there isn't. SInce the release of v5.7 there have been numerous "bugs" mentioned, and also my pet peeve, the "toolbar issue", however it look's as if Heidi Computers are more interested in developing the products which make them money, as opposed to working on an open-source application which draws people into this website in the first place (in case they hadn't realised that).

Anyhow for the record, this thread is the last time Garrett actually mentioned anything about a new version, and that was way back when. It's hard to believe that he is still "snowed under" answering emails. :wink: ... e2546a5892
Hopefully someone is working on an upgrade. The bugs are mounting and nothing seems to be done about them other than fobbing off the person with the problem.

Sami did a great job with this and Garrett did some great work after taking over but it looks like it is just gathering dust at this stage.

Perhaps setting it up on sourceforge (or similar) and allowing more open development might be more beneficial to it
A few points here:

1. Eraser is already on SourceForge and I get lots of people wanting to help who then disappear into thin air.
2. We really do get lots of email and phone calls. What is even more annoying is email from corporates demanding instant responses!!
3. We get thousands of spam/virus mails every week. Vastly beyond what a normal domain could expect. sami@,eraser@ etc on and on.

You must remember that Sami was a student when he created Eraser he had the time.

Now, while I do detect a slight communist tone in some people, this idea of free software is great but for something as popular as Eraser we find it very difficult to progress beyond just keeping the lights on. If that annoys some then sit back and calculate the cost of development tools and the day to day running of a company. Then work in time etc.

Last year we had to put an embargo on daily time spent on Eraser mails otherwise we would be literally working for nothing.

We are trying to keep the show on the road and we are very willing to accept help from anyone who wants to give it.

Thank you,

I'm not doubting what you're saying there Garrett, and I suppose as Eraser is a freeware product that we the users shouldn't be too demanding of or anything likewise, and it's a fine freeware product at that however there hasn't even been any "minor" updates to Eraser in quite some time (twelve months?). Now looking at something like NoTrax for example, of which I am a registered user I might add and quite happy with the product at that, I've noticed that you have bought out numerous "minor" updates of NoTrax, even when something as minor as a context menu item or similar wasn't there, or even a slight discrepency with the help file or similar a new version is put out, however with Eraser even something like the "toolbar problem" hasn't been addressed within the months since it was first mentioned, or even things like the "Uninstall Eraser v5.6" menu item when it's Eraser v5.7 etc etc. I could go on but you know, I think it's probably getting to a stage where even asking for the simplest of fixes is probably asking too much especially when it's a product which you see no return on when you invest your time into doing any development with.

The point I suppose I'm trying to make is, it would be nice to know that whilst anything major with Eraser is obviously too time demanding, that maybe if there were any minor discrepencies that we the users of Eraser could hopefully expect something to be done. :wink:
I'd like to see Eraser move from the 'free software' category to the 'shareware' category. I wouldn't mind paying $15 - $60 for Eraser if it was guaranteed future updates. Updates such as a more automated erasing feature like Evidence Eliminator and Cyberscrub use, something that is more user friendly.

I know it is very, very unlikely, but the potential is there. If people want updates they should know that it does cost money, and people should pay for it. I'm not a big supporter of free software.

I'm curious, is there a 'donate' section for the software somewhere on the site (I haven't bothered to look around)? If so, I was wondering if people do actually donate, and how regularly. If not, obviously something like that would / could further benefit Eraser and it's potential future developments.

I'd like to see something like this happen, it's great software.
Is there any version of Eraser that's better (less buggy) then the current version? :roll:
Is there any version of Eraser that's better (less buggy) then the current version?

If its buggy, give us some screen shots and details, i been wearing the hell out the app nearly a year without a single incident so far. :lol:

I'd like to see Eraser move from the 'free software' category to the 'shareware' category.

Shhh! Watch you mouth, or rather posts, they might very well open up a market for Eraser seeing the positive returns far outweigh the bloopers with what they released so far.
I agree, ERASER is THAT GOOD! that it could very well pull in a market share of revenue i would think.
My comment about bugs is just based on what I've heard around these forums and few personal experiences I've had with Eraser. Nothing too major, but certainly worth fixing. I am still interested though, if anyone could suggest which version may have the least amount of known bugs. Anyone?

There could also be both freeware and shareware versions of Eraser. Shareware obviously being the better version, receiving a more AutoMated approach of deleting. And the free version the way it is now.
Hi all,

We are planning to develop a new version of Eraser beginning 2005.

We have lots of suggestions, however, we would be grateful if you could let us know of any particular features you would like to see.
We will do our best to take on board as many of your suggestions as we feasibly can.

Best regards,

Eraser Admin
I would like to help you translating it into german too...

It's a very popular tool in german speaking countries!
Firstly, thank you for your help in this area. Mantaining Eraser can be a very time consuming task and it's great to get help from others.

It's a very popular tool in german speaking countries!
I know and we get a lot of reviews in German magazines.

When we have it completed, which will take quite a while, we can email you to get started on the Translation. Can you forward your email to so we have it on record for that.

Thank you again and best regards,

Eraser Admin