no space lefr on hard drive

Please read the FAQ (link below), particularly the topic on common Eraser problems, where this is covered in detail. Also, upgrade to the latest service release (, which, I believe, is less prone to this problem.

Problem fixed but what I want to know is if this is still a problem will eraser shut down before all the hard drive space is all gone because I want to keep using the program
The problem, when it occurs, is intermittent. Your best option is to upgrade to version, on which, during my own testing, I have not seen this problem (and which certainly fixes known related issues)

6.0.8 has just been released, and unfortunately problems with installing it over 6.0.7. have been reported. I suggest that you uninstall 6.0.7. and delete the Task List file (details in the FAQ) before installing 6.0.8.