No Text Sound on iPhone X, How to Fix it?


Some people feedback that when they’re typing, there is no sound. And there are maybe couple of reasons, here we’ll detail you the main one and show you how to fix no text sound problem on iPhone X.

Restart iPhone

First of all, we can restart our iPhone X to have a try.

Press volume up button and quick release it, then press volume down button and quick release it.

Then press power button and hold on until Apple logo show up on the screen.

Now wait for a second, and your iPhone X will be restart, then check if there is text sound on your iPhone X.

Check Mute Switch on iPhone X

How do you mute your iPhone? We can reduce the volume of our iPhone, or we can simply turn on mute switch on our iPhone.

Now check the button above your volume up button, and it’s our mute button. If it’s on, turn it off. Then check if there is text sound on your iPhone X.

Turn Off Do Not Disturb

When you have turn on Do Not Disturb option on your iPhone X, now turn it off.

Open your iPhone X, go to Setting and scroll down, and you will see option “Do Not Disturb”, turn it off.

Also we need to make sure we didn’t open “Do Not Disturb” option for particular contacts.

Turn off Bluetooth

If you have turned on Bluetooth, you can turn it off. And if you haven’t use Bluetooth speaker or headset, you can skip this method.

Now go to Setting--Bluetooth, turn it off.

Reset iPhone X

Also we can fix no text sound issue on iPhone X by resetting it.

Open your iPhone X, go to Setting--General--Reset--Reset All Settings.

Before reset your iPhone, you’d better do some backup of your iPhone data, in case you lost some important ones.

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