No Trac registration email to verify address


I'm having same problem as user in link below did - trac says an email has been sent so can verify my email address, but never receive it.
I receive all bulk / junk mail, so that's not the issue. I clicked the "resend email verification" button - still no good.

Used same user name & email address for trac that I use on forums. For a short while recently, wasn't getting email notifications from the forum, either (mentioned this) - later started "magically" getting them. Any suggestions?
This does seem to be an occasional issue. I assume that Trac is on Heidi's server, so presumably Joel will have to get on to the people at Heidi to find out what is going wrong.

You can view the Trac tickets without having to log on.

The mail subsystem seems to be just fine, I get emails for every ticket modified. It's been a recurrent problem... I'll inform Garrett.
Thank you. I also sent an email to Heidi's main contact address, but that's probably the wrong place for this.
When you say, "I get emails for every ticket modified,"
I don't get the connection between you receiving emails (as developer & already signed up / registered on Trac) and me, trying to register for the 1st time. You're "in the system" - I'm not. :)
The connection is that the same email subsystem is used.
Garrett and I ave sat down and worked on it for almost 1/2 a day. It should all be fine now. Try getting another activation email.