No way to select recycle bin custom methods any more?


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Is there really no longer a way to select home-built erasure methods? The whole point of eraser used to be there were a few built-in methods, and the ability to add your own. There are now a billion cluttered up entries in the recycle bin context menu that I don't need and no method to simply activate the old eraser dialog with the "options" button that I do need.
Sorry to bump this old topic, but I never did get this figured out. Am I being stupid, or is there really no way to select the eraser method on the recycle bin any more? What is "Erase recycle bin (Library)"? supposed to be? Whenever I pick that one, it goes to the 35-pass, even though there is another 35-pass method specifically in the recycle bin menu.
There is currently no way to use custom methods with the recycle bin. Those entries (which can be deleted) use Eraserl.exe; the command line version that uses pre-bundled methods.
Hi Kurt. :)

Can I ask if you have found any research that suggests that the single pseudorandom pass is not sufficient on a modern hard drive ?