Non-Fatal Error (Interactive only)


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Running Interactive mode, when starting erasing dban shuts down with a "non-fatal error" - it says a log is written to a:\dbanlog, but this file doesnt exist (even though it accesses the floppy drive).

running autonuke everything works fine....

btw: there are 2 unknown drives, which are my internal USB-Card-readers - may the problem be caused by them?

thank you

error is reproduceable, tried random and dod short mode
Now tried old 1.0.7 - works fine, but is incredibly slow - 10MBs in autonuke as well as in interactive - found out, autonuke doesnt work with beta as well, only predefined commands like "prng" work -much faster, at 60 MBs?!

Beta doesnt detect partiotions as well, while 1.0.7 does!

edit: getting more and more confused - using prng i get a write amount of 215GB [(est time + time gone) *MBs/1034) - for 8 rounds (1pass) on 120GB HDD?!

quick-command "quick" also fails... getting wired....