Non fatal Errors version 2.2.6_i586.iso


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In trying to wipe a hard drive (40 GB) on a Compaq Presario, AMD Athlon XP 1.67 ghz processor I immediately get the following error message:

DBAN finished with non fatal errors, check log for more information
Clock operation start date: Thu Oct 14, 14:14:45 2010
Finish date: Thu Oct 14, 14:14:49 2010
Error /dev/sdb/(process crash)
Error /dev/sda/ (process crash)
Press and hold the power button to shutdown

In Rebooting with out the DBAN disk it is obvious that nothing has been erased.

I've down loaded the file twice and burned three bootable disks getting the same message

Also, there is no log for me to check.

I need to complete this HD wipe done before I donate this computer.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


From what you say, DBAN is loading, but is unable to access your hard drives. I suspect a compatibility issue. DBAN has not been updated for some time, and may not run on some hardware.

The other DBAN forum on Sourceforge is rather more active than this one, and there may be help there. Otherwise, there are two alternative approaches you could adopt using Eraser:
  • take the drive out of the Compaq machine, and using a USB caddy, connect it to another machine running Eraser, quick format the drive and then use Eraser to wipe the free space, i.e. the drive;
  • if there is a utility and restore partition to restore your machine to original condition (and the fact that there seem to be two partitions on the drive indicates that there may be - or there may be a restore disk), use this utility, which will format the drive. You can then install Eraser, and use that to wipe the free space on the drive.