not compat with CHKDSK on NTFS


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whenever I run chkdsk on NTFS drive on XP-sP2, chkdsk finds a lot of entries missing and then starts deleting them. it takes more than hours, even if i have just erased one file. Then, after I restart, it can't detect an operating system. what is that? Why is that?

I ran chkdsk on another pc with NTFS, with /f parameter, and after that, i installed eraser, erasered a 4 kb shortcut, and started chkdsk with /f again. a list of index entries appeared about file 9. I went click on the power switch as i didn't want to wreck it. When i restarted it, it said in windows, 'the recycle bin is corruppted. do you want to empty it?" i clicked yes. I found that two other shortcuts had gone.

Why is this? This happens in all 5.7 5.8 5.82. i don't know about the others.
yup, I shut down properly.

i shut down properly, and running chkdsk seems to trigger errors.

IS eraser compat with CCleaner? I use CCleaner with simple erasing. I also use Ashapoo Win Optimizer 3 platnum and 4 .10
Yes, Eraser is "compatible" with CCleaner - I run CCleaner (among other things) prior to freespace wipes daily[/] here. Pete
but then i still get the problem

i still get the problem. how do the heck to I solve it? is there a program that can clear up index entries that isn't as aggressive as chkdsk? thanks.
why not remove all the programs, run chkdsk, then add the programs one by one running chkdsk after each add? It may be time consuming but you'll find out which (if any) program is causing the problem.
they still stay there.

it still stays there.
do u have some software that can do stuff like chkdsk but it asks you what to do instead?