Not Enough Free Space After Wiping Unused Space


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I had a problem earlier with Eraser. But was able to fix it with a repair install. Now I can wipe my unused disk space without a problem. Except now, after my second or third free space wipe. I have no more free disk space on my hard drive. Out of a 232 GB hard drive. I now have 109 MB of free space left . I went to disk cleanup but there was nothing there to clean. If someone can tell me how to delete the files occupying the space I'd appreciate it.

I'm currently running Windows XP with SP3. I have the latest Version of Eraser.


I found the culprit. It was a folder in my C: Drive. Everything seems normal now.
OK...same problem after wiping the free space on my hard drive. About half, or 200GB, "disappeared" following this procedure. I found a folder on my C: drive called "ERPrkF3c33{WxTrcLg" with about 1500 files, 216 MB in size that was eating up all of my hard drive space. I go to erase it and it erases fine and I get my hard drive space back.

Then, my next scheduled Free Space Eraser was run this last sunday and the same thing happens except it's a larger folder with more files on it.

Is this going to happen every time?

If it is do I need to "erase" this folder or do I just delete it?

Can someone please help?!?!?!?!?
I'm afraid that, if you get this problem, it may recur. Essentially, Windows is closing Eraser before it has a chance to delete its erasing files. Joel hasn't been on the forum for a couple of weeks, so I don't know quite where matters stand with the next release, but the latest development builds do seem to have addressed the problem (though they have other issues, and so are not ready for production use).

The erasing files will always be in one or more randomly named folders in the root folder of the target drive. Deleting these folders solves the free space problem. You shouldn't erase the folders; they contain no useful data (that is what they are there for), and there is always the danger that you are trying to write to the drive when it is full, which is not a good idea.

All of this is explained in full in the FAQ. I do recommend that you read them.