Not managed Win32 Exception


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Dear all,

I have been using Eraser since more than one year now and I am quite satisfied with it. So thanks a lot to the developers :)

However, I have a bug. Since I have installed Vista and then come back to XP pro (after formatting all the c: partition), I have a "Not managed Win32 Exception" raised for the partition c: (all works well with the d: one). The bug report contains nothing wrong. The only information I can provide is the text status bar which is set to "Cluster tips..." when the fatal error occurs.

I hope this will help to improve your software.

For your information, I had this error with the release 5.82, and I still have it with the 5.83Beta.

Best regards
Well you are right. I have checked my disk and there are errors in the system file. What I do not understand is that after running twince the chkdsk /F command, after each time correcting errors, there are still remained errors :(

Any idea on how to solve definitively my disk errors?

Thank you very much