Not possible to "erase" a attached hdd?


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Do I get this right, that you can erase almost everything but you cannot just completely erase a HDD you plugged via USB to your system?

I am a bit afraid of this boot-up solution and would prefere doing it from a running windows system.

Thanks for your support and I hope it's not a silly question - but for me this case is not described in the quickstart guide...

cheers, martin
Eraser wasn't intended to completely wipe a hard drive, just known files or freespace. DBAN is the tool for completely wiping a hard drive. I'm not sure why you are nervous about the bootdisk. The only thing to be sure of when you use it is that you are wiping the correct drive, since they are not listed as C:, D:, etc. Since I have 5 drives in my PC, I usually turn off the PC and disconnect the drives I want to keep. That way I don't make a serious boo-boo.