Not Quite Right ?


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Hi there
I've used eraser 5.3 for a short while and just updated to 5.7 (I did uninstall first) but now I have a couple of small problems.

1) Once you've ersaed a file from 'new task' you do not get a log file or ANYTHING to say that the task is completed (it is set up to do log files) yet I did on 5.3.Say for example you set it to clear a hard drive then come back later you don't know whether it's done it or not, 5.3 would give you a log file saying what it couldn't erase.
Though if you erase a file from right clicking on it and selecting erase you then get a log file !

2)Once a task has been done the 'address' stays in the display when 5.3 used to remove it, which is correct? you don't need it to be displayed if it's finished do you !

The only thing 5.7 does do is it shows my Windows History folder which for some very strange reason 5.3 didn't !

Best regards Andy :?