Nothing erasing/please help!


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XPHome on PowerSpec 4876, 1.2Ghz AMDDuron processor,512 memory, 20 gb HD. I think I've followed all instructions for installation and operation, using the latest stable portable download. But no files in the task list are being erased, nor can I overwrite anything. I have filled the task list from the very convenient Explorer and Drag/Drop. I do not understand the differences among erasing and overwriting and verifying operations. In any case they are having no effect. I'm trying to prepare this entire PC for re-use by a charity, and must erase all my files.
Thank you!
You'll need to right-click the task and select Run.

Erasing is the same as overwriting. This eliminates the data residue found on the disk platter. Verifying simply ensures that thedisk is written correctly. This is mainly used for debugging purposes and for most users is extraneous.
Thank you for your reply. But there is no action when I right click Task in the toolbar. Only a left click on Task brings up the drop down menu. When I click on Run all, the "erasing" dialog box comes up, then within a minute, shuts down and gives a 0 bytes report. The Scheduler report records starting and quitting within two minutes. I've done a Control Panel remove and reinstall more than once. But I followed the directions and did not remove the Config data. Perhaps I should?
Is there something wrong with the download? I save within Program Files and the setup runs from there. However, when Setup completes and the "Run Eraser" box is checked, when I click Finish, the program does not start. I start it from the Start Menu.
Should I be downloading to my 7-Zip extractor program? The files do not download within a folder, just separate files. Is this correct?
You've probably downloaded the Portable version. If you intend to use it only from your computer then you should be using the installer.

If you are running a task on dwemand you should use the On Demand tab not the Scheduler tab on the left. Also, please copy and paste the errors encountered here, I can't diagnose anything without that iformation.
Eraser working, but no eraserd.exe is present,

To resolve my problem, I did as you suggested, but in this fresh download and install, I created another location for the program, in order to avoid conflict with what was left in Program Files after my uninstall following the instructions to save the configs if reinstalling.

But the Help instructions for erasing DOS are not supported by this download. There is no eraserd.exe in the directory. Can it be supplied separately? I have a lot of DOS files and would like to be sure they're gone. I also read that DBan is included in a version of Eraser, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I have downloaded the program but am unable to create usable boot disk of the ISO. I'd appreciate any tips. Many thanks, again.
You can place your disk with files created in DOS under Windows and then erase the files from there. There is no need to use EraserD.
Thank you! Just so I understand it rightly, when I finish erasing and remove the Eraser program and any others that are keeping it working, will it still have Windows XP Home on it? Are there any other operations needed before disposing of the PC? I appreciate your patience --
No, wait whata re you trying to do? You want to use EraserD to delete DOS files (which you can just put the disk in Windows and erase it from there) or destroy your drive? If you want to get rid of all data on the drive use DBAN. If you want to get rid of selected files use Eraser. Of course, you will need to knowevery single file which needs erasing otherwise your clean up may not be complete.
I've given up on trying to create a DBAN disk. Instead, I've done essentially what you suggest for my Windows-based program Wordperfect 6.1 in DOS, deleting item by item, including as many private data files as I could think of, such as profiles. I've made several passes via unused disk space and overwrites in various combinations. I've decided that leaving other nonconfidential files etc. on this PC is ok for my situation. Thanks again for your good attention.