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Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64

Is there some way to make the Eraser icon disappear from the Windows notification area when its task is completed? My notification area is already too large, but I do indeed want the other icons there. I know this could be solved by terminating the Eraser process when its task is done, but I understand that is something that is contrary to pending developments.


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the only way to do this currently is to use the commandline version and not have it in the tray i.e not loaded all the time


If I erase from the Windows Explorer context menu, that pops Eraser into the notification area (aka tray). I must then manually exit Eraser to remove it from there. Others have noted the same problem in other forum threads.

On the other hand, if I launch Eraser from Windows' Start menu, Eraser terminates when I select the X in the upper-right corner. This removes the icon from the notification area.
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