Novice needs some help re - erasing


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I am a new user of computers thus i dont know too much. I have recently got Eraser. I share this computer with 2 other novice users and this computer is 2nd hand. How do we erase files that have been deleted in the normal way in the past by the previous owner using the delete function and recycling bin. We have heard that this method does not remove the files from the computer. Does the erase un used space from Disc C do this?
Yes and no. Erasing unused space will overwrite any files that were previously deleted. If they are still in the recycle bin, then they will *not* be overwritten. If there are temp files scattered about the drive, then those will also *not* be overwritten, as they are not unused space.

The most secure way to wipe the drive is to use DBAN to completely wipe it, then you need to partition it and reinstall Windows or whatever operating system you want, and any programs you had. But that will take a bit more computer knowledge than you may possess at this point. But it is a great way to learn also.

You also only need to overwrite with one pass when erasing unused space.