NTFS and ADS Stream


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Files on NTFS partitions can have Alternative Data Streams which can be used by programs. Kaspersky virus scanner is usig these streams. The problem is that after de-installing Kaspersky these additional data remain on all the files in such NTFS partition and nobod can tell me how much disk space is used by these "infections".
Can Eraser just get rid of these streams without damaging the rest of the files?
Kaspersky isn't creating this ADS, it's just scanning them. To get rid of them, the only practicable way is to move the files to a FAT32 partition. This will delete the ADS automatically. But in my opinion it's not necessary, 'cause they are not created by Kaspersky and give you much more convenience while working with programs which are using ADS per default.


p.s.: ADS don't need much space.
The anti-spyware guru Merjin has created a program that will remove just the ADS from files. It is called ADS Spy and is available from http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/

I tested it on a couple of binary files and it removed the ADS from each without disturbing the binaries. It will list all the ADS on your PC (unless you choose the Quick scan, which only looks at the Windows folder), and allow you to pick which ones you want to delete, in case there are legitimate ADS you don't want to delete.