NTFS files, System Restore and MFT...


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Hey guys,

First, let me say great job and thank you!

My question is this: I ran a free space wipe to securely delete old files. However, now that I'm reading more I'm finding that NTFS journals, system restore files and Master File tables may not have been renamed/deleted. Forgive me for my ignorance.

My situation is that I have a laptop from work and have admin rights. However, eventually, I will get a new one and turn the old one in. How will I know for sure that my files are deleted from these other areas? Can they be retrieved or viewed, or do these records get name changes as well? I want to make sure that banking documents, credit card purchases, etc. are not able to be seen. The only copyrighted material would have been some mp3's and a few mpegs. I don't know how closely these things are looked at, but I'd like for no one to be able to look at them or retrieve them.

Other than running a free space wipe, are there other precautions that I should take?

I am running XP, if that makes any difference.

Turn off system restore and then wipe free space.

Ensuring that you've gotten rid of all the files you don't want others to see is quite a task, to be really sure you get everything, if at all possible I'd recommend wiping the laptop with Dban(.sf.net) and then re-installing Windows.
Can i get a software for my openlx linux edge2 to view ntfs files on the same hard disk? i have got a software from the link www.fs-driver.org/download . this software is for windows and helps to view ext2 files of openlx linux . similarly i need a software for openlx linux to view ntfs files