NTLDR missing - any suggestions?



Apparently this a known and rather apocalyptic problem, but I'm hoping someone might have some constructive suggestions. Eraser has caused my hard drive to crash, and is now preventing me from re-booting windows, giving me the message ntldr is missing. From reading other posts, it seems that the only workable solution is to copy the contents of my hard drive to another drive (which for me means taking in to the shop, as I have no second hard drive), reformat the drive, and reload windows. Has anyone found a solution that isn't quite so extreme to this problem?
This same thing happened to me after Eraser froze and I had to 'end task' it. Are there no easy solutions yet? My corrupted hard drive is in a laptop, so it would be a huge pain to have to buy an external kit, take the hard drive out, put it in the kit, then back up my stuff on someone's computer, put my hard drive back into my laptop, format it, and then get my stuff off of the other person's computer somehow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
NTLDR missing here also

I`ve used Eraser for 3 years and no problem until recently. I started having "NTDLR MISSING" too. Doesn`t happen all the time, maybe 1 out of 4 times but I quit using Eraser until I can find out why. 3 - 4 hours of inputting all my programs again is to much.