Numerous Access Denied Errors


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Hello :)

Whenever I try to erase something from my Program Files. I am faced with lots of Access denied messages from Eraser. To erase any files from Program Files I must first send them to the Recycle Bin first. Then I have to shred the Recycle Bin. This is very inconvenient I have Eraser set to run with Administrator privileges but when I use the Explorer Extension it doesn't ask for Administrator access. I have reinstalled numerous times and combed though the system with cleaners but to no avail. I am running Windows Vista SP2 32-bit

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! :D

The Explorer extension doesn't erase files in administrator mode regardless of what the main Eraser program is running as. This has been fixed in version 6, if the Eraser program is running as an administrator erasures are performed as an administrator.