Often eraser says that file locked, but it isn't !


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Often, If I want to delete (and overwrite) files with eraser which are opened before, eraser tells me that files are still open. But they aren't because: I can delete them WITHOUT eraser. Either to windows recyle bin or complete (SHIFT+DEL). I also saw with program unlocker that those files aren't in use.

So why does eraser think that those files are still locked?

using eraser 5.86a on windows xp sp3


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I very occasionally get this, I tend to find it is either my anti virus or antispyware program that has hold of it.

If I leave the target file closed for a few minutes it does eventually become unlocked.

Could you try this please ?

There once was talk on here that Comodo firewall locked some files as part of its HIPS. Do you have that ?