ok what the heck DO I DO??


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i just downloaded eraser
and i need to erase this cookie
i don't know how to
all i have is the "eraser581src.rar" in my documents

ok actually i got the setup to run
but so i accidentally clicked on this link to something called "login.tracking101..." and i want to remove whatever spyware or anything it may have got onto my computer through clicking that link!
so i'm just going to erase the cookie to it?
think that's enough?
That versionis not safe, don't use it for anything else. Download 5.82
edited by Carver 1-1-2007 11:55pm
I concur with Carver - please un-install v.5.81 of Eraser, d/l v.5.82, re-start the computer and then install v.5.82.

ummm - What browser are you using, and why do you need to "erase" the cookie (deleting it with the browser or a third-party "cleaning" program should suffice)? Pete
I don't want my tracking cookies floating around unused space. BufferZone is great, it isolates the tracking cookies so they track nothing (but I don't think it applys to freespace).

i got version 5.82
i wanted to erase the cookie because some guy at usatoday wrote an article about getting the same cookie and he suggested erasing it with this program
but ok thanks people