On Demand entries deleted after erasing


In 5.86a, after creating on demand entries & backing up the tasks file, when I erase only specific files out of the on demand list (like cookies.sqlite in FF 3), Eraser deletes those entries from the on demand UI. But only the files I erased - the rest still show up on the On Demand list.

After closing / opening Eraser again, those selected On Demand file entries for files I erased are still gone. I can get them back by importing the back up of the on demand task file. Bit of a hassle.

I never encountered this in prev vers of Eraser. Is this a bug, or something I'm missing in settings?

Hmmm. When you create the task on the Editor, there's a small check box at the bottom: Keep task on the list.

Check that, see if that resolves it?