On demand erasing fails if you disable startup item


This worked fine in 6.0.6, but gives an error in 6.0.7.

What I do on my computer is since I already have around 20 things in my system tray is disable the eraser startup entry, because I never schedule erasures, I only need it on occassion for on demand erasings. With 6.0.6 the only drawback to this was it took a few seconds before the eraser would start as it has to launch the program first. But now in 6.0.7 I get an error saying it couldn't connect to the running eraser, but then when I try the manual eraser for the 2nd time it goes because it now has started eraser and put it in my system tray.

I know there's the debate of whether eraser should start at startup, or whether it should be an option to have it, but from my point of view this is a regression in 6.0.7. Must have been changes in the backend that caused this.

Just wanted to pass it along to the Eraser team.
I can't remember changing any of this in the front end (it's a front-end thing, actually.) I do see the problem, but I can't reproduce it in any debugger case... which makes it hard to track this down. Can you place a ticket for me in Trac please?