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oh yes, one other thing which may be a problem..

i have a Mac and my friend has a windows computer operating system.

i can see that erase has a program which will work with her system, which is way back at windows 98..

but can i download erase onto my Mac and make a CD TO give to my friend?

will this work ?
thanks again
Alice - Use someone else's (friend, work, whomever) Windows computer to create a floppy disk by going here: ... g_mirror=0

(that's a live download link for the latest version of Darik's Boot & Nuke).

(Have a blank floppy disk in whatever computer you're using to download it).

It should download to the Desktop of the computer you're using.

Click on it (or double-click, if necessary). Read the documentation that comes with it - it would even be a good idea to copy and print out all of it, so you can use it later.

When it tells you to, click on the link to install that program to the floppy disk.

When it finishes loading to the floppy (which you'll be able to tell when the light on the floppy drive quits blinking), remove the floppy and take it to your friends' computer. Turn her computer off, insert the floppy disk and then power up the computer.

Follow the instructions that you printed out. Pete
Thank you so very much

Thank you, Pete ..for your kind and thorough instructions..

i really , really appreciate your taking the time to do this

bless you !

Alice - Please be aware that DBAN wipes everything - including the operating system.

At the conclusion of a DBAN run, you have to re-install the operating system from its' original installation CD. Does she still have that?

If she's just trying to rid her old computer of all personal information, that's a lot more complicated due to the fact that its' way too easy to miss things, and most all of that stuff would have to be called up and manually erased with a program like Eraser itself. Pete

*DBAN tutorial:
It said to make a windows 98 boot disk at the end to fdisk /mbr.

What does the Fdisk the MBR do? Do i only do this if im using 98?