Option for restart Eraser at offset? Non-blocking minimizati


When I want to erase the unused space of an external USB harddisc
this operation cost 20-30 hours. Is there an option which allows me
to abort an erase operation after a couple of hours and to restart it
(e.g. a day later) at the last known position/offset?

Moreover when I apply an "erase unused space" action onto
a connected USB hard disc (e.g. drive "G:\") the whole WindowsExplorer is blocked until this operation is finished.

Is there a mode/setting which allows me to launch a
"fire and forget" operation. Eraser should then do his work
minimized in background without blocking WindowsExplorer
Sorry, there's no option to abort and restart an operation. If you don't want the Explorer to block, don't use the shell extension for the longer operations. Use the On-Demand eraser instead.