Orphan Menu Option on Drag & Drop


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I guess I'm just a magnet for bugs (I'm huge at pool parties and picnics).

I tried but found erasing files on my desktop caused my icons to move around and a random named file to appear in place of the deleted one.

Now I'm down to stable build
In short order I found a bug here. I don't know if it has been fixed in newer versions so I'll pass it along.

If you right-click and drag a file, the context menu that opens includes "Eraser >". It's functionless. It can't be expanded and it doesn't do anything.

For anyone experiencing this, if you are comfortable, go into the registry editor (regedit) and do a search for "DragDropHandlers".
Expand it and under there you will find a key for "Eraser". Delete it.

I found 3 instances and it removes the bogus menu option. I don't know if the locations vary, so probably best to just search and remove all instances.
I suspect this is a remnant of the missing "Secure Move" feature.
Yup, I think it is a remnant when Secure Move didn't make it to 6.0. Just be careful not to remove the ones that are used for normal context menu operations.
I've got a fix in r2727. Maybe you'd want to have a shot at it?

For the file left on the desktop, it's there for all Eraser versions. It's just how fast Explorer decides to refresh the desktop, you should be able to get rid of it by Refreshing the desktop or hitting F5.